Blueberry Lemonade has Landed!
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Blueberry Lemonade has Landed!

The humble British blueberry sees out the late summer and heralds the tasty autumnal flavours yet to come. Fragrant and sharp, our blueberry lemonade carries us from the brightness of summer to the comforting richness of the colder months with style.

We buy our blueberries direct from Herefordshire farmers in all shapes and sizes – making the most of delicious, flavoursome fruit which would otherwise be wasted due to nonsensical supermarket standardisation.

This kind of plot-to-bottle business is exactly what we love here at Square Root, reducing waste and making the most of the abundance on offer, right on our doorstep. There is no good reason to waste good food, so we came up with a good reason to use it! As a result, every bottle also comes with a slight hint of eco-warrior smugness – sit back, enjoy it, you’re a sipping revolutionary, sticking it to the man with his uniform berries.

Wild claims have been made regarding the powerful properties of blueberries, due to all the lovely micronutrients they contain, such as essential mineral manganese, plus good old vitamin C, and vitamin K. Some have even said blueberries even offer protection against memory loss, although I can’t remember who said that…

Our renegade blueberries do not conform, but they do make for a fragrant, zingy and unusual soda.

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