A Message to our Wholesale Customers About CO2!
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A Message to our Wholesale Customers About CO2!

A Message to our Wholesale Customers About CO2!

As you may have heard there is Europe wide CO2 gas shortage. This is obviously major news for us as CO2 puts the fizz in our fizzy pop. We are fully aware of the current situation and, at present, there will be no changes to our production schedule. The Soda Works remains open for fizziness this month and will have our full range of drinks available. We are monitoring the situation closely with our suppliers in order to minimise any disruptions that might occur. We are aware that the situation might get worse and, if it does, there could be shortages in some of our lines.

This issue is industry wide and. thanks to our unique control over the entire process from fruit to bottle, we will try our utmost to make sure non-stop fizzy pop continues! All sodas will be available in line with our seasonality calendar and there is no need to suddenly transform into hoarders. On top of this current customers (aka you!) will be prioritised so that you can keep bringing soda to the masses.

Bare with us and should this situation worsen you, of course, will be the first to know!

You should also stay tuned for a limited edition release that only Square Root can provide in this time of hardship and we will keep you updated as and when we know more.

Keep calm and soda on!

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