Square Root London | About
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From a small kitchen operation in Ed + Robyn’s house back in 2012 to the fully fledged Soda Works we have now, it’s been an epic journey to get us where we are today!

We started Square Root in 2012 selling Ginger Beer at our local farmers market in Harringay. Our customers loved it and so we started to branch out and experiment with new flavours made from seasonal produce – that’s how Rhubarb Soda was born! We were quickly producing more and more flavours every week, so we needed to bring in some extra help to serve them up.

That’s where Elsie came in, our 1920’s delivery tricycle which we converted into our very own mobile bar and started peddling our sodas all around town! After a really busy summer, and lots of requests, it only seemed natural to start putting our sodas in bottles. We did a couple of trial runs of our most popular flavours and started selling them through local outlets.


Demand for our drinks grew and grew and so, in late 2013, we founded the Square Root Soda Works – our very own production and bottling space based out of a railway arch in Hackney Downs. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength, slinging out sodas to the masses! They’re still, and always will be, made using fresh ingredients, juiced or infused by us, by hand, and all contain around a third less sugar than your average bottle of fizzy pop! The sugars we do add are all either made from sugar beet grown on British farms, or ethically sourced, fairly traded cane sugars produced at source by farmers in Mauritius.

Because our sodas are made from freshly juiced fruit, they retain their whole fruit flavour and always taste of the ingredients they’re made out of, naturally. We like to work with the freshest fruits so we rotate our flavours with the changing seasons. Ingredients go in and out of season all the time so we release a new flavour every month to reflect what’s currently out there, and keep it on until the natural season of the fruit ends. We work directly with farmers to get the tastiest ingredients we can find, often taking the wonky or softer fruits that the farmers can’t sell to supermarkets and which usually go to waste.

We go to great lengths to ensure that each and every bottle of our sodas is the best it can be and pride ourselves on being masters of our flavours, getting the most out of each of our ingredients so nothing is wasted. This devotion to our sodas was recognised when we won the 2015 BBC Food & Farming Awards for ‘Best Drinks Producer’ – the first soft drinks company to ever even make it in to the final, let alone win this prestigious award!  We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved so far, our sodas really are our pride and joy, and we simply love to get inventive and create our next flavour!

And that’s it! Every bottle of Square Root is handmade, by us and our small team in Hackney. It’s not only what we do, but how we do it, which matters to us. No short cuts, no weird stuff and no compromises!