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11 Aug
Currant Affairs

Imagine a scene. It’s early August, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the Garden of England, aka Kent, is bursting...

07 Aug
Radle My Radler

Radler means "Cyclist" in German, and some say that the history of naming a lightly alcoholic beverage, usually a 50:50 mix of beer...

30 Jun
Full Time Production Assistant Required!

Production Assistant (Full Time) This position has now been filled! Square Root are on the look out for an enthusiastic and committed Production Assistant to help run...

26 Jun
Peachy Keen

It’s a simple equation – fresh British raspberries, plus extremely ripe peaches, multiplied by Square Root skills, equals a fancy bottle of fun,...

19 Jun
Bold As Brass, and Half as Cheeky

Summer is HERE, and we are more ready than ever. This thirsty sunshine weather motivates and inspires us here at the Soda Works, and...

Square Root Soda Ice Cream Dreamfloat
04 Jun
Noshville Nights, Dreamfloat Days

  Celebrating Americana in all it's glory, we had a fantastic time dishing out the Doughnut Dreamfloats (as above) at Kerb Food's Noshville event this...

30 May
Elderflower Power

Pale and interesting, Elderflower is one of our most popular seasonal sodas, with good reason! Only handpicked, locally foraged elderflowers are used, gathered barely a...

08 May
Heading On Down to Beavertown

You may also have heard on the grapevine that we've been at the Shandy-nator once again, to bring you another teetotal treat via another...

02 May
Strawberry Fizz Forever

Sun's out, strawbs in! Just when you thought we couldn't get any tastier, we've whipped up a brand new Strawberry Soda. Brace, brace, brace...