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Back To Our Roots

We make a lot of fun stuff here at the Square Root Soda Works, with all sorts of fancy ingredients! But at the heart of everything we do is a desire to keep things simple, no unnecessary anything going on, just solid flavour extracted from top notch ingredients.

Our Core Range is a collection of four stone cold classic flavours, available all year round, and we feel they don’t get enough love sometimes, while we’re busy shouting about (equally fantastic) Rhubarb, Raspberries and Blood Oranges.

So, it’s time for some appreciation of the classics, and with that in mind, here’s a bit more about our original, and some say best ever, flavour – The Mighty Ginger Beer!!



Ginger Beer has been brewed up as a spicy refreshing soda for centuries, and ginger has been popular as a digestive aid since slightly before the dawn of time. As one of the original carbonated drinks, Ginger Beer was designed to stimulate the palate, and ginger is great for fighting nausea – attention all pregnant folks or anyone suffering with the midwinter illness! Ginger Beer is here to help.

At Square Root, we chop and press out the ginger for a fresh, clean taste, and we boil and steep what’s left to release the natural spicy flavours. Then we add fresh pressed lemon juice and blend with four different types of responsibly sourced sugar, including dark, sticky muscovado, and bright, golden cane sugar.

This unique recipe gives a complex, rich, malty flavour, adding a smooth finish to that natural, punchy ginger power. For the cocktail heads out there – this is the stuff of your dark and stormy dreams.

Available for personal consumption at our web shop here, or call us to order your wholesale cases, or email orders@squarerootsoda.co.uk

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