Because We Love You: Square Root Soda Works Opens Saturday 14th Feb!
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Because We Love You: Square Root Soda Works Opens Saturday 14th Feb!

We’re VERY EXCITED to announce that our very own little venue, The Soda Works, will be open for business from Saturday February 14th!

Throughout January, we’ve been working hard on our venue after we opened up for December’s WTF Why Not and we’re finally ready to open our doors again – and THIS TIME IT’S PERMANENT! We’ve made a few changes, with a whole alcove dedicated to retail space where you can pick up bottles to take home with you and other items we use in the café, such as tea from Good & Proper, Pasta imported directly from Italy, specialist fruit used to make our sodas, and even some of our Enamel cups! We’re hoping to add to this selection as the year progresses. We’ve also inherited a beautiful old record deck and a collection of vinyl to play on it and we welcome anyone who wants to bring their own to play.

And because we had such a good time working with them in December, Tongue ‘N Cheek are back in the kitchen serving up amazing pancake brunches, Onsen style eggs (eggs cooked at 64°C which, trust us, are amazing!) and the best BLT you will ever taste! As always, produce is at the forefront of the Tongue ‘N Cheek menu, with meat sourced from Nate at The Butchery, bread from The Little Bread Pedlar and smoked salmon from House of Sverre. The menu promises some delicious pancake toppings with both Italian and Japanese influences, just like the Tongue ‘N Cheek team!

As well as all of this, we’re installing our own extra special soda fountain with taps designed for refillable bottles. THAT’S RIGHT! You could have your very own Square Root Growler bottle and come by to refill it every week with all your regular favourites and special, one-off flavours made just for our venue! It’s the perfect way to enjoy our soda, fresh from us! Bring the bottle back each week and we’ll even give you a discount on your next fill – what could be better than that?!

Opening times: Sat 10 – 4
Sun 10 – 4

How very bloody exciting!

Soda Works Doodles by Not Nat.

The Soda Works, 449 Railway Arches, Amhurst Road, London, E8 2AJ.

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