Become A Summer Soda Supremo
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Become A Summer Soda Supremo

We need you (points finger) to join us for the juiciest summer of your life. We have a full time, three month vacancy for a keen, strong, fruit focussed individual to join us and become one with the lean machine that is the Square Root Production Team. You can find a full, detailed job description of this Production Assistant role HERE.

This is an active role, based in our Hackney Soda Works, for someone who likes the sound of a busy, wide-ranging and physical job which offers plenty of learning, tasty lunches and friendly team vibes.

Duties Include:

  • Five days a week, 8 hours a day, preparing bottles and boxes of our excellent sodas.
  • Bottling and Capping Drinks on our production line.
  • Weighing, checking, zesting and juicing fresh fruit meticulously.
  • Labeling drinks.
  • Packing and stacking cases of fizzy fizzy pop.
  • Maintaining high levels of cleanliness in our production space.
  • Manual handling and heavy lifting – we need you to be comfortable with physical work.
  • Optional out of hours events work, at KERB food markets, beer festivals, and beyond!


Applicants must:

  • Be ready to get stuck in. It’s a messy, practical job, and it’s ESSENTIAL that you arrive on time and pay close attention to your work, so we only ever let perfect drinks out of the door.
  • Be great working as part of a team and individually – we’re a small group so we need a real team player, but sometimes you also just need to get in the zone and get that pallet of sodas stacked up high.
  • Be a stickler for detail and able to work quickly, in a clean and tidy way.
  • Communicate well, so we can explain if you don’t know what you need to be working on, or if you spot something is wrong, just shout, ask for help, sing a song about it, whatever works.


To apply, please email a copy of your CV, with a short description of your experience and why you think you’d be right for the job, addressed to Robyn, to jobs@squarerootsoda.co.uk! Application Deadline is end of day, Friday 11th May, contract start date is Monday 4th June.

For a bit more about us, check us out on twitter! On Instagram! Or Facebook!

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