Bergamot, Bright Eyes
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Bergamot, Bright Eyes


Citrus Sing Along Season Is Nigh

Winter citrus fruits are back on the scene, happy days are here again! As such, we are prancing about the Soda Works playing our traditional Bergamot Karaoke, hitherto known as Berg-aoke, while we whip up a fresh batch of delicious, dry, fragrant Bergamot Soda.

You can play along with Berg-aoke out there, and please do, because part of us worries you won’t understand until you try it: Take any of your favourite tunes, we recommend these stone cold classics, and substitute any key lyrics, or perhaps all the lyrics, for the joyous word “Bergamot”. Screech along at the top of your voice and be prepared to feel pretty damn liberated, pleased with yourself, and with the possibilities of life.

If you are a fan of this brief interlude into the surreal ways of our Square Root Soda life, please by all means sign up to our monthly newsletter, which will provide you with regular nonsense, fruits facts, soda stats, news about our stockists, and a welcome-to-the-family gift discount for our web shop.

As a juicy little extra for the 2017 festive season, every order placed on our web shop between Friday 24th November and Wednesday 20th December will be entered into a prize draw to win one of our extremely rare, desperately unusual and incredibly delicious 12 Soda of Xmas experimental flavours case. The case contains one soda created by each of the Square Root team, and they are not available for purchase anywhere, ever.

Strap in for a flavour adventure, fizz friends, we’ve really gone off the reservation with this lot.

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