Bold As Brass, and Half as Cheeky
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Bold As Brass, and Half as Cheeky

Summer is HERE, and we are more ready than ever.

This thirsty sunshine weather motivates and inspires us here at the Soda Works, and here comes another smash hit shandy collaboration with our mates Ben, Graham and Sam of Pressure Drop Brewing.

Once again we worked together on a delicious beer, Cheeky tropical session pale ale, a seriously refreshing, deeply supp worthy brew, available through our friends at Honest Brew. We provided freshly squeezed orange juice, sweet mango pulp and zingy kiwi juice, which the Pressure Drop crew used to prime this wonderful light and exotic beer. A holiday in a bottle.

We simply had to bring these flavours to a wider, less booze-inclined audience, and so we whipped up a tangy citrus soda mix, perfectly balanced to match with the Cheeky beer, and we combined the two in a family friendly, fun-for-all 0.5% ABV fizzy pop shandy.

Welcome to the world, Half Cheeky.

Strictly Limited Edition – available in our web shop for home delivery.


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