Breaking The Fourth Wall
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Breaking The Fourth Wall

It’s an overrated fourth wall, anyway, all tedious and stand-offish. We just get too excited, and want to show you our secrets!

So, welcome to a peek behind the scenes at Square Root Soda Hackney Soda Works, courtesy of our new friend, photographer Miles Willis, who you can find on Instagram as instaphotomiles.

Miles is a “Photographer of all things good in the world, particularly sustainability in the food and drinks industry.“: A statement which obviously makes us feel pretty good about ourselves *blush*, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for his coming projects, as they sound right up our street.

Miles popped by for an insider view and caught some juicy moments from our production of Apple Soda and Pear and Aronia Soda, both classic seasonal flavours which we produce from scratch using fantastic British fruit, with a bare minimum of British beet sugar, and we use absolutely no artificial sweeteners, of course – there’s just absolutely no need!

It’s great to show, particularly in such stylish snaps, that we really do care about how we do what we do. Good quality ingredients go in, plus proper hard work, and so top notch sodas are born at our place every week. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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