Brilliant Bramleys and Rousing Red Windsors
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Brilliant Bramleys and Rousing Red Windsors

Bring on the woolly cardigans and log fires! Rain showers and late summer sunshine have worked that casual Autumnal magic on English Apples once again this year, and so we’ve been delighted to see these gigantic, Kermit-hued Bramleys arriving at our Soda Works this week.

The Bramleys were also accompanied by over a ton of beautiful blushing Red Windsors, which were picked in Kentish Orchards and delivered to us so quickly it’s possible the trees haven’t even noticed yet. Freshness reigns supreme once more, and you can taste it in every tangy, sparkling sip of our delicious autumnal Apple Soda.


It’s best of British with these Apples, and we’re proud to be sourcing our fruit locally once again, as we so often do. The sweetness of the Red Windsors balances the powerful sharp bite of the Bramleys, with only the merest touch of British beet sugar and fresh lemon juice to balance out the natural sugars, and our usual dilution and carbonation to make the whole affair lighter and brighter than super rich, although admittedly scrumptious, pure apple juice.

If you’ve never tried our Apple Soda but you’d like to give it a whirl, either ask your local stockist (if they don’t stock us then ask them what the heck they’re playing at?!) or you can have a case of up to 15 bottles of your choosing delivered to your door via our web shop.

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