Cascara Club is Go!
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Cascara Club is Go!

We have just launched our new Soda this week. Cascara Club!

Cascara club is a collaboration between us and Climpson & Sons Roastery down the road in London Fields. They have supplied us with the best organic Bolivian Cascara they can get their hands on.

Cascara Club served at the Climpson Cafe on Broadway in Hackney.

Cascara is dried and toasted fruit of the Coffee Plant. The bean which we are more familiar with is the seed from inside the berry. Local artist Guy Roberts brings his unique style to the label which draws influences from Bolivian shop signage and a coffee plantation scene.

Cascara tea is often consumed in coffee growing countries but it rarely makes it way to us in the UK. We combined Cascara with Jamaican Hibiscus and fresh Lime juice to make striking fresh tasting drink which brings out the best Cranberry/Raisin/Cacao flavours of the Cascara Berry and both a cold & hot steep of the fruit extracts the Natural Caffeine contained in the berry.

This week you can find it for sale in at the following locations: Climpson & Sons, Clapton Craft, Club Mexicana, Le Parc Stoke Newington, The Wanstead Tap.

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