Ce-Le-Brate Good Drinks, Come On!
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Ce-Le-Brate Good Drinks, Come On!

Thanks to all of you who trucked down to Mason & Co for our Square Root birthday celebration, replete with many a bottle of extra special, limited edition, Batch 1000 Bourbon Barrel Aged Ginger Beer knocking around for the thirsty revellers.

We had a wonderful evening, sharing many an amusing anecdote with you folks who’ve been with us through these wild four years of Square Rooting. Also, there were a lot of cute puppies. No, seriously, a surprisingly high amount of sweet canines, adding heavily to the adorable love-in vibe of the evening.

The Mason & Co bar crew were busy expertly racking up our own recipe Ginger Beer cocktails, such as Dark In Storage (zinger!) with delicious rum and fresh lime in the mix, plus a fantastic, tingling Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar Shrub, a serious non-alcoholic treat we created for all you mindful drinkers out there. If you head down to Mason and Co in the next little while you’ll still be able to grab a bourbon-laced, gingery Old Barrel Fashioned, made to our own secret recipe.

In between heavy chatter and joyful reminiscence, we enjoyed incredible food from Capish, including many a delicious Italian American sub sandwich, dripping in tasty sauce and fulfilling all our dinner dreams. They also brought their full A game with a light and luxurious Ginger Syrup and Blood Orange Tiramisu which was, frankly, outrageous.

Fancy whipping up the delicious Barrel Aged Ginger Apple Scrub we created? Fill your boots with this special recipe:

  • Fill a tall glass with ice.
  • Pour over a generous slug of our Barrel Aged Ginger Beer, or our delicious, regular Ginger Beer.
  • Gently stir in a teaspoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar for delicious tartness.
  • Squeeze over the fresh juice of half a lime, and you’ve got yourself a sipping classic.


If you weren’t with us to collect a bottle on the night, you still have time to get involved in our specially brewed, commemorative Bourbon Barrel Aged Ginger Beer, as you can find our limited edition bottles for sale here. They took a lot of loving care and super soda skill to create, and we only made one thousand of these scrumptious beauties, so don’t miss out!


So thanks for all your support, Soda Friends, and here’s to the next 1000 batches of Square Root Soda, they’re coming up quick, but we are as keen as ever, and they’re going to be just as fantastic as the last thousand, we guarantee it.

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