Cats! Beer! Citrus Fruits! More Cats!
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Cats! Beer! Citrus Fruits! More Cats!

Shandy Alert!! We’ve been mucking around with our brewery buddies again, and our new collaboration is with The Five Points Brewing Co, using their Citrus Pale Ale which was created in association with local East London’s super cool Field Day music festival.



We provided fresh lemon and grapefruit rind for this luscious, refreshing summer beer, and now we’ve taken said beer, and added even more fresh lemon, plus lime and grapefruit, and we’ve shandified it all to the maximum, turning out a 0.5% soft brew, delicious, tart, and moreish, as per our trademark quenching skills.

Citrus Pale Shandy has a traditional shandy flavour with all the perks of top quality beer, and we’ve produced two labels, featuring all five of the Five Points team’s family cats, the Meowscots, if you will…AND WE WILL.
They’re all such dapper mogs, and if you’re not convinced by cats yet, then allow us to direct you to this hardworking guy, and this tuff gym beast and/or our Henry’s special little housemate by way of persuasion. Majestic creatures, simply majestic.

You can buy this limited edition, special release Shandy for delivery to your door, only while stocks last, from our web shop here.

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