Come On Down To Camden Town
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Come On Down To Camden Town

** Our Camden Soda Bar is no longer open. Please by all means read on for nostalgic purposes, and then follow our travelling pop up bar over here and here! **

Welcome to our Camden Soda Bar, we’ve been expecting you. Wanna be our late night London party pals? Yeah you do!

Camden market is staying open till 10pm every Friday this summer for Kerb Camden Lates, bringing the greatest street food in London, top quality cocktails and rockin’ tunes to start your weekend with a bang. Alongside our usual Soda Shack fizz fun (read on for details!) we’ll be swirling up a special treat – brace yourself – Completely Vegan Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sundae (OOF!). A dream combo of vegan brownie magic from Victoria Yum, salted caramel sauce, our trademark soft serve ice cream, and fresh raspberries tumbling all over. That’s a serious dessert right there, make no mistake.

So rock on down, bring your mates, your appetites and your dancing shoes because Kerb have got the likes of Norma Jay and Jazzie B on the decks, ready to get you doing the don’t-spill-my-sundae dance.

We’ll be documenting the fun and spreading the good soda word at our new Camden Soda Bar Instagram. Follow us for fruit partying, cheeky discounts, drinks specials, and who knows what else.

In case this is you, and you’re feeling a bit out in the cold, here’s the skinny on our Soda Bar: Camden has always had a Proper London vibe – a lot of hard work and hard play goes on there, and our spot is right at the centre of the buzz, a short stroll from both Camden Town and Camden Road stations. We serve up quenching, fresh soda goodness, and warming fruity punch in cold weather, in the KERB Camden Street Food Market.

Fresh seasonal fruit, chopped up every day, and whizzed into full flavour, no nonsense, syrups ready for enfizzinating(TM) to order before your very eyes. You’ve never had fresher, unless you’ve already been here, in which case; Hi, friend!

If you still have room after sampling as many of the brilliant food stalls as you can – and we all know we have a separate stomach for desserts anyway, that’s just science* – we’ve got you covered here too. Rich, smooth, soft serve ice cream awaits you, ready to be swirled on top of your chosen soda, or topped with a drizzle of juicy fresh syrup. Not only is this definitely the cool treat you have been looking for, but as previously mentioned it’s also completely vegan, hurray! Even if you aren’t vegan, you’ll have a delicious time and do your little bit for the environment. You’re so good. Maybe you deserve a cocktail reward for your immense, selfless virtue?

Cocktails can be a bit exhausting sometimes, all style, no content, paying top dollar for an uninspiring drink which pokes you in the face with a wedge of old pineapple. Well, not round our gaff. We want fresh fruit (we’re like a broken record, yes), fancy herbs, big taste. Alcohol free gorgeousness like our infamous, ultra minty, lime tingly Nojito is our bag. It’s been designed by us to spoil your tastebuds rotten with no taxing hangover required. You’re very welcome.

If the thought of all this vigourous city fun sounds like a bit much, bring some Square Root fun to your own front door, by ordering our Square Root Pick Soda Case. This month we’ve got fave flavours as selected by our Camden soda masters, so rest assured, they’re going to be utterly delicious, and they’re only a couple of clicks away.

*It’s really not science, just to be completely clear.

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