Cream Soda Launch Party at Dog Eat Dog Feb 16th!
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Cream Soda Launch Party at Dog Eat Dog Feb 16th!

There are a lot of words on that poster but it’s all true! We’re launching our brand new Cream Soda at BrewDog’s new Hot Dog restaurant on Essex Road, Dog Eat Dog on Tuesday 16th of Feb from 7pm!

We are celebrating the almighty vanilla bean, and we’ve given it a serious Square-Rooting (ahem). We’ve taken vanilla, multiplied it by vanilla, tucked it up in a bourbon barrel for months, and now we have awoken this sleeping beauty and are releasing it on to an unsuspecting public. Don’t be afraid – it’s new, yes, but it’s good. So very good!

Decisions were made. Decisions such as “let’s brew our own vanilla extract from scratch!”, “let’s ferment it using brettanomyces yeast!”, “stick in yet more vanilla pods!”, and “let’s age it in oak barrels!”. Needless to say, none of these decisions were time saving exercises, but the result is a serous labour of love.

After three full months fermenting in a bourbon barrel our house made, fermented vanilla extract is finally ready! Made using kilos of proper Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla, the finished article is something really special! We’ve blended it up with the finest Unrefined Cane Sugar, for a creamy and toasted flavour, and added in some extra vanilla to create a unique, tasty and dramatically different Cream Soda. Trust us, this will be unlike any Cream Soda you’ve ever tired before! Oaky, boozy (from the Bourbon Barrel!) and with a big creamy Vanilla flavour this is one soda we’re extra proud to be launching.

At Dog Eat Dog we have our very own awesome self serve soda fountain pouring Square Root flavours 24/7! On Tuesday  we’re going to be heading on down with a load of this magically brewed elixir and will be taking over the taps with our concoction. There’ll be a special menu available and the Square Root team will be down talking you through this creamy fizzy pop. The guys at Cobble Lane Cured have whipped up a batch of Cola Cured Bacon to sit atop a special hot dog, there will be some Cola infused Beef Jerky to snack on and Ice Cream Union will be on hand with their lush Ice Creams to mix up with our Cream Soda. We’re putting together a special cocktail menu to go alongside of this and hell, you can probably even order a Cream Soda Cocktail Float if you want…push that boat out!

We hope to see you there! You can let us know your attending by joining our Facebook event here or tweeting us that you’re coming. Everyone who attends will get the chance to taste the Cream Soda and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

The Barrel Aged Vanilla is the first in our new series of quarterly special releases. Get ready to experience the unexpected, as we manipulate the choicest ingredients into curious, experimental and unreservedly delicious new flavours!

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