Cucumbelieve It!
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Cucumbelieve It!

The skin is the thing that gives you all of the flavour – we juice the poor blighters first to release all of their cucumber-water (you know… like birch water or watermelon water or coconut water – it’s on trend alright) they hold within and then slowly infuse the green parts to make the soda well cucumber-y.
Gathering these wonderful fruits (it is a fruit) in all sizes and shapes from New Spitalfields Market. Ed prefers to select the curly ‘Crooks’ rather than the massive green ones you can buy in clingfilm. They are a little more bitter making them better for soda and tzatziki alike. The green skin is what holds most of the flavour so smaller fruits are better in this case.

If chugging bottles of Cucumber pop neat isn’t for you. We think you can always dilute it with some local spirits to great effect. We recommend the Bermondsey Dry from Jensens, or the ELLC No 1 Gin for this particular mix. We prepare it as below:

Cucumber Number
35ml Good Gin (we’re watching you!)
275ml Square Root Cucumber Soda
Dash of Lemon Juice
Ice Cubes
Cucumber Noodle (you could use a spiralizer if you want to do it East London Style)
Combine all ingredients in a glass that can accommodate the final drink
Garnish with the noodle

A variation in the presentation of the Cucumber Number. Lime twist optional at best.

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