Square Root London | Cucumber Dreams, Cucumber Lives
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Cucumber Dreams, Cucumber Lives

Ready the ice cubes, crack the gin, it’s officially springtime and Cucumber Soda is officially back.

If there is any doubt as to the brilliance of the extremely local and extremely delicious St Albans-grown cucumbers we use in our soda, we shall refer you to Captain Cucumber, pictured below, standard bearer for all Cucumberkind, who will use his weird cucumber muscles to prove his cucumber point. You have been warned.

And yes, that’s a tub of freshly extracted cucumber juice in the background, natch.

Confusing superheroes aside, Cucumber is one of our flagship fizzy pops – light, dry, delicate, with low sugar and ultra fresh ingredients, this is a delicious and unusual addition to any bar, table or menu. Check out all our current available flavours here!

Captain Cucumber

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