Elderflower is here!  Summer has officially landed.
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Elderflower is here!  Summer has officially landed.

To those of you who got hooked on Elderflower Soda last summer and have been asking about it ever since the season finished, and to those who haven’t tried it yet but are about to meet your new favourite soft drink… We’re delighted to announce that Elderflower is finally back in bloom and back on our soda menu!

The sodaworks has been brimming with baskets of the gorgeous creamy frothy elderflower blooms all handpicked by our friend Jon the poacher right here in Hackney.  We infuse the flowers into a syrup, whisk it up with fresh lemon juice and make it all fizzy and refreshing for you!  Made entirely with locally grown elderflower blossom, this drink is truly handmade in Hackney.  Served straight from the fridge, our delicately floral and fragrant Elderflower Soda is heaven in a bottle on a warm sunny day.

Elderflower picking time heralds the arrival of British summertime, and it tastes like summer too, an unmistakable floral flavour which evokes the atmosphere of hot lazy barbecue days and picnics in the sunshine.

IMAG2973 (1)

Other enticing elderflower products in London to look out for are Hampstead Tea‘s fairtrade iced Oolong with Elderflower, Lovage London‘s Gooseberry and Elderflower Fragrance Shot, and our favourite new Hackney neighbour 58 Gin‘s Elderflower Gin (coming soon)!

In other news, our brunch cafe The Soda Works is currently closed whilst we do some refurbishing to make it look all shiny for the summer!  Check our twitter feed for announcements about the relaunch.

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