Flavour of the Month: Quench Your Thirst, Cucumber Soda is Back!
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Flavour of the Month: Quench Your Thirst, Cucumber Soda is Back!

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, cucumbers are back! We got our hands on the very first of this season’s cucumber crop from a farm just outside the city in St. Albans, and what better timing than a mini April heatwave?!

As the days grow warmer, cold fizz becomes all the more enticing… and to celebrate the appearance of the sun, we’ve juiced lots of lovely fresh cucumbers for you! Curiously light and refreshing, our Cucumber Soda is a delicious and unusual thirst quencher. On a beautifully sunny springtime day, it truly hits the spot!

You may already have seen chilled out locals sipping it at one of our cafe or pub stockists, and if you want to try cucumber soda too, come down to The Soda Works at the weekend or check our twitter for where to find it.

Other enticing cucumber based products you can find around are: Rainbo’s street food smashed cucumber salad, Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne from Jo Malone, and a glass of Sipsmith’s Summer Cup on ice with fresh sliced cucumber, which fits perfectly with the warm weather we’ve been loving lately!

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