Flavour of the Month: Rhubarb Soda is Back Baby!
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Flavour of the Month: Rhubarb Soda is Back Baby!

It’s back! The flavour everyone’s been talking about! We can’t tell you how happy we are that spring has sprung and our Rhubarb Soda is back on the menu. Made from fresh Yorkshire Rhubarb sent straight from the farm, this soda is the perfect childhood memory of crumble and comfort all rolled up into a bottle of fizzy pop.

We’ve been working hard on finding the perfect place to source our Rhubarb from and, by jove, I think we found it! Our Rhubarb now comes straight from one of the oldest, family owned farms slap bang in the middle of the Rhubarb Triangle, a placed famed for producing the best sticks of rhubarb in the world!

Rhubarb has two seasons, indoor and outdoor, and we’re currently working with the indoor crop which is grown in big forcing sheds, entirely in the dark. This produces very pink and straight stems, with a subtle, sweet flavour. Pickers go round by candle light, so as not to scare the plant, and pick off the pinkest, most flavourful storks for us to turn into our beloved soda! This means our soda is currently a cute pink colour with a rich and fruity flavour. Once the outdoor season hits, the soda will vary a bit in colour but it still packs a delicious rhubarby punch!

We hope you enjoy our Rhubarb Soda as much as we love to make it! You can already find it in most of our stockists (it’s bloody popular!) but keep checking our Twitter for updates on where it can be found.

Other amazing rhubarb products include London Borough of Jam’s incredible Rhubarb & Rose Jam (made with the same rhubarb as our soda!), Rhubarb & Verjuice Ice Cream from Ruby Violet and Jensen’s Rhubarb infused Gin (coming soon!)

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