Guess who’s back? Back again? …Raspberry Lemonade!
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Guess who’s back? Back again? …Raspberry Lemonade!


We juiced up a storm this week, filling the Square Root Soda Works with the zesty scent of hundreds of lemons to bring you this season’s first beautiful batch of Raspberry Lemonade.

We’re using our classic Lemonade recipe, keeping it simple but turning it pink with a delicious hit of great British raspberries. These babies are glorious huge Kentish raspberries ripened to a dark red by all the early summer sunshine we’ve been basking in lately.

Loved by all, Raspberry Lemonade is a tart and refreshing summer beverage which goes down a treat on a warm day. We’re loving our Summer Seasonals at the moment and here’s another flavour that we just can’t stop drinking!

IMAG3117_1 (1)

Some other London made raspberry products we love at the moment – and always – are pillowy soft Raspberry Marshmallows from Mallow & Marsh, London Borough of Jam’s blissful Raspberry and Liquorice jam, and the ultimate indulgence… a Raspberry Jam Doughnut from Crosstown.

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