Square Root London | Heading On Down to Beavertown
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Heading On Down to Beavertown

You may also have heard on the grapevine that we’ve been at the Shandy-nator once again, to bring you another teetotal treat via another dreamy brewery collaboration.

Together with our friends over at the inimitable Beavertown Brewery, we squeezed every last drop of juice and peeled every scrap of zest from the last cases of this year’s Bergamots, in order to create Bergamonster, a limited edition, super citrussy hefeweiss beer, available while stocks last at the Beavertown Taproom.

We then took our big fat bergy beer baby, and tweaked it into the legion that is Bergaminion, a tangy, dry, lusciously refreshing, limited edition shandy. All the fun, none of the booze. Yes, we are wizards, it’s true.

Buy now while stocks last – this one is as rare as steak tartare, and ten times as tasty. 

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