Hop ‘n’ Fresh For The Party Season
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Hop ‘n’ Fresh For The Party Season

We’ve given our tonics some down time lately, and we’ve put them through a full glasses-off-hair-down movie-style makeover, where their true original beauty shines through, y’know, with a bit of polishing.

Our tonics are now bright and opalescent, with high clarity and no bits, and they also now have higher carbonation which lasts longer, to keep things at their sparkling best with every sip. We’ve improved our recipes to contain lower sugar, plus quinine, which is not only good for flavour but also allegedly helps with leg cramps, and all that pesky malaria we’re all looking to avoid right now, right?

So, what exactly are our tonics, and what can you do with them? Let’s take a good look at these tasty little treats:

Hop Tonic takes it’s lead flavour from Citra and Columbus hops (natch), and juicy Sicilian lemon. It’s light, refreshing and citric. The hops draw fresh fruity and juicy flavours from a wide range of spirits, and is ideal with juniper heavy & citrus lead spirits. Try it with ELLC , 58 Gin, Jensens Old Tom, or your favourite gin tipple.
In more dramatic news, back by uproarious demand from some of the finest flavour professionals in town, and some who hold this tonic as a personal favourite, Artemisia Tonic has also returned to our menu. This treat will brighten up any bar, impress any guest, serve as delectable aperitif, and blends perfectly with fine spirits for lush cocktails.
This deeply flavoured and unusual tonic is woody and fruity, with a crisp finish. Infused with dramatic mineral flavours of wormwood, mugwort, and tarragon, Artemisia Tonic is also balanced with bright, fresh lime. Light anise on the nose, and the pronounced bitterness from Wormwood makes every sip extremely moreish, making it great as an aperitif to open up the taste buds, or try it with herbal gins such as ELLC No 2, Jensens Dry,Dodds Gin or a quality wheat vodka.

Now, about these beautiful new bottles. Our friend and artist Nat has again created bespoke new artwork for each tonic, in elegant, festively shiny, metallic wraps. Inspired by the tonic ingredients in all their botanical glory, this the most ambitious label work we have attempted so far, and my, don’t it look fine?

In a rare official press release, soda mogul Ed Taylor is quoted as declaring “They are swanky”. He’s not wrong.

Find our tonics at every branch of the glorious Clapton Craft from Friday 8th December, and ask for a taste! There will also be cheeky tasting sessions every Saturday in December, in partnership with delicious East London Liquor – free sip of high grade G&T while you select your Christmas beers? Don’t mind if we do…!

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