How To Tonic
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How To Tonic

As the days get warmer and we keep getting thirstier, it’s time to shine a little light on two of our star drinks, and the weird thing is, they’re not even sodas?!? Don’t panic, we’ve got it all under control, so read on for recipes, recommendations and a juicy chance to win a case of Square Root Tonics.

At the end of last year we revamped our two crisp, unique Tonic Waters, Hop Tonic and Artemisia Tonic, with improved recipes and gorgeous iridescent new label art by the marvelously talented Aceae.

Before finding their true calling in Soda, Ed and Robyn both worked on the beer scene. Inspired by the delicious, heavily hoppy beers hitting the craft beer scene hard, but also looking for something delicious to sip when they didn’t fancy booze, they chose to make a seriously hoppy Hop Tonic. Taking it’s lead flavour from Citra and Columbus hops, and juicy Sicilian lemon, the hops draw fresh fruity and juicy flavours from a wide range of spirits, working particularly well with London Dry style Gins.

Deeply flavoured Artemisia Tonic is woody and fruity, with a crisp finish, and was inspired by Ed’s love of absinthe – that’s how it came to contain the vaguely witchcrafty, dramatic mineral flavours of Wormwood and Mugwort.  Light anise Tarragon fragrance and bold Lime bitterness makes every sip extremely moreish.

Many of us have had an uninspiring Gin & Tonic in our time, and it’s a crying shame. If you care about great flavour, there’s just no need to put yourself through that. We’ve spent time rigorously testing the mixing and sipping capabilities of these two tonic beauts and we’re happy to confirm that the following recipes are easy peasy, tip top, A1 deliciousness.

Artemisia Tonic compliments Batch No.1 Gin from our local friends at the East London Liquor Company. The delicious earthy notes of Darjeeling Tea and Angelica Root in Batch No.1 are balanced by the Tarragon and Mugwort in Artemisia tonic.

  • Combine 35ml ELLC Batch No. 1 Gin with Artemisia Tonic over ice. Add a shred of Pink Grapefruit Peel, squeezed to release the fragrant natural oils, for the full aromatic effect. Heavenly!


We love the fresh, herbal, non-alcoholic delight of Seedlip Garden 108 a tremendous match of English country garden flavours. This freshness is bumped up a level when paired with the sharp, anise aromatics of our Artemisia Tonic.

  • Try the Garden & Tonic. Blend 50ml of Seedlip Garden with 125ml Artemisia Tonic, over plenty of ice in a highball glass. Garnish with a handful of fresh garden peas – honestly, don’t hesitate, trust Seedlip’s advice. The peas are brilliant.


Hop Rock Shandy is the perfect example of everything great about our Hop Tonic. With minimal effort, you have a quality non-alcoholic sipper impressive enough to silence cynics, and hoppy enough to keep any beer-loving designated driver or pregnant chum happy.

  • Take a tall glass, fill with ice, and splash in a few drops of your favourite bitters. Top up with an ice cold Hop Tonic, and garnish with a slice of lemon or a sprig of fresh Mint. Sit back and let the resulting praise wash over you, you deserve it.


Our final recommendation is tingling GHT, Gin and Hop Tonic, made with Jensen‘s delicious, delicately floral Bermondsey Dry Gin. This is a perfect combination for a dry, lip-smacking G&T with plenty of tart punch thanks to citrus and quinine.

  • Pour 35ml Jensen’s Bermondsey Dry Gin over ice in a tall glass. Top up with chilled Hop Tonic, a squeezed slice of unwaxed lemon peel, and stir with a bashed sprig of fresh Rosemary for a fancy, Tom Cruise kinda touch.


After all this talk of cocktails you’ll be getting thirsty. Get some Hop Tonic in your life at Market Halls, Brew By Numbers Tap Room and Partizan Brewery, and you can grab an Artemisia Tonic at Brick Brewery, The Abitrager and the Phoenix Cinema. If you’d rather have bottles to take home with you we recommend you swing by any of the Clapton Craft stores, and if you’re really keen we can send you a whole mixed case of tonics direct to your door.


COMPETITION TIME! Do you live in the UK and have your own personal Tonic tipple recipe? Inspire us, and share it with a pic on our Instagram or Twitter before Friday 29th June, using the hashtag #SquareRootTonic for a chance to win a mixed case of tonic waters!

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