IndyMan BeerCon
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IndyMan BeerCon

That was the weekend that was. These are the hangovers that are. Hold us, we feel happy, but fragile. Another Independent Manchester Beer Convention has been had.

It was, as always, a serious team bonding session for us Square Rooters, and a chance to introduce the happy, beer chugging, festival masses to the deliciousness, and rehydrating potential, of our shandies and sodas, from the bustling environs of a Victorian swimming pool changing stall.

The gorgeous Victoria Baths has been re-purposed for the festival for the past few years and, we are happy to say that, thanks to lottery funding, it is soon to be renovated to it’s full historical glory, with actual water in the pools and everything.

Sadly it looks like this year might have been the last for IMBC at Victoria Baths, unless we all take our lilos and pop armbands around our glasses for flotation. We’re not above that, we’ll do whatever it takes, for the dream that is IndyMan.


We wowed the crowds with our fresh fruity bottled soda, plus on tap we poured Das Radler Hard Shandy, Citrus Pale Shandy, Bergaminion, and a special new collaboration with Chorlton Brewing Company.  We got together to masterfully combine Green Lemons and Rosemary in a delicious sour beer for the IMBC collaboration bar. Of course we’ve shandied it too, so watch this space for news of this next shandy release, it’s a sharp new zinger.

Whilst rigorously testing all the beers, purely out of professional responsibility of course, we also had to take some time to mourn the imminent departure of our buddy Henry, soda sales friend extraordinaire. Henry worked his last few hours with us on the Shandy Bar before jetting off to Vietnam for a period of chin stroking and sunbathing. Lucky git.

It’s fine, whatever, bet it’ll be rubbish. We gave him these incredible Blawd peanut butter doughnuts just so he remembers how great we are.



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