It’s a lemon, Jim, but not as we know it…
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It’s a lemon, Jim, but not as we know it…

As old as the hills, the giant, wrinkled Cedro (pronounced chey-dro) is a venerable living ancestor of the modern lemon.

These monster fruit are so unique we’re importing them directly from farms in Southern Italy where they’re prized for their beautiful fragrance and impressive zesty rind. This means we can bring you something really special whilst happily continuing our commitment to supporting independent small scale farming.

Traditionally Cedro peel is candied and then baked into the fabulous Italian panettone usually enjoyed around this time of year. It can also be steeped in vodka, baked into pizza grana at Easter and, in it’s alter-ego “etrog”, forms part of ancient traditions around the world. And it’s also great in risotto – this is a fruit with an extensive CV!

Flavour-wise, our Cedro soda sits somewhere between our sweet, zingy lemonade and our sharp, fragrant Bergamot soda. It has a distinctly light, floral flavour and goes great with most foods as a sweet palate cleanser. A flavour for all ages, and something a little different to try, which is, of course, just our style!

So we just had to haul ourselves a truck full of these organic beauties over land and sea, but it’s not an easy job, hence our Cedro soda will be limited edition (for this year at least!)

As it’s such a rare ingredient it was hard to find other UK products using this great fruit. We did manage for find some Cedro Marmalade from Vorrei, an Italian fine food importer, and Lillie at London Borough of Jam has been making candied Cedro peel for the shop!

Let us know what you think!

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