Lemons Give Us Life
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Lemons Give Us Life

Another day, another soda, another bite taken out of the £13 billion worth of food wasted in the UK every year. At Square Root Soda we believe that there’s plenty of room for us to do some good and make a real contribution when running this soda show, so our recent lemon teamwork with the good folks of Pococello was a dream come true.

Reducing food waste has always been one of our major aims – did you know that ONE THIRD of all food produced globally is wasted? That’s a truly shocking figure alone, but the implications are alarming enough to get us off our butts and start making changes to reduce food waste, reduce landfill, and reduce global warming.

Here’s a handy link to some Very Good Suggestions on how we can all waste less food, and why we should.

On to our soda story. One drizzly Tuesday March morning we spotted this tweet from the good people at Pococello, offering up a bulk lot of dreamy Amalfi lemons which would otherwise have been thrown out. Pococello, guided by their inspirational mantra of “Lemons Give Us Life” (we hear that!), were going to remove all the powerful zest from the exterior of the lemons for their own Limoncello purposes, leaving the juicy interiors unwanted, but not on our watch. A flurry of tweets and emails later, and we had a deal to take these delicious citrus to soda heaven, and a few weeks after that we’ve got enough fabulous lemon juice to make 30,000 bottles of delicious soda. To say it was worth the effort is quite the understatement.

Pococello are on a mission to reinvent Limoncello, a zesty Italian liqueur with a bit of a sickly, syrupy reputation. As they say, “you just need to find the right lemons” and we couldn’t agree more. You only need to taste our Lemonade to know that.

The Pococello dream is the lovechild of Thom and James Elliot of Pizza Pilgrims and the wise folks of Chase Distillery, and they’ve forged a direct relationship with the long-time lemon farming Aceto family of Amalfi.

Amalfi is, in case you don’t know, a blissful part of Southern Italy, where warm sunshine and fertile soil create incredible, fragrant, sweet ‘n’ sour Amalfi lemons, which in turn create smooth, rich Limoncello.

Highly prized among everyone who’s tried them, these succulent lemons are citrus royalty, with astounding flavour. We wouldn’t have access to such fantastic fruit without great partnerships with like-minded folks like the gang at Pococello. Look out for the special limited edition neck labels on select bottles of our Lemonade and seasonal Raspberry Lemonade, heralding a delicious drink with a genuine feel good factor behind it.

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