New Limited Edition: A-Meyer-zing Lemonade
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New Limited Edition: A-Meyer-zing Lemonade

As crisp as a clear autumn morning, may we introduce the fine, bright Meyer lemon. Parents of this fruit, the lemon and the mandarin, should be proud of their offspring, also known as the Lorange, as it is world famous and extremely popular as the sweeter of the lemon family, with a complex and unique scent, spicier and more herbal than a standard lemon.


Once deemed suitable almost solely for houseplant duty, the Meyer lemon has since found it’s way into many recipes, both sweet and savoury – the raw segments make a glorious addition to salads – and now it’s found it’s way into a Square Root soda bottle.

Available only for the natural fruiting season, when it’s gone, it’s gone, so if you’d like to stock this rare and excellent flavour just drop us a line on orders@squarerootsoda.co.uk

Also available for home delivery from our web shop here.


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