New Special Release: The Big Five-Oh-Oh, A Celebration Soda
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New Special Release: The Big Five-Oh-Oh, A Celebration Soda

Once upon a time, the first ever batch of Square Root fizzy pop was born into the world, in the humble confines of Robyn and Ed’s home kitchen, ready for a sell out session at Harringay market. Now here we are, four years, innumerable mountains of fruit, a whole bunch of rowdy crew mates, and many, many bubbles later, bringing batch 500 into existence.

We consider this to be something of a big deal, and so we’ve decided it’s time for a special treat to mark the occasion.



We have taken our inimitable, delicious rhubarb soda, paired it with it’s natural party pal, gin, but not just any old gin, oh no. Our skillful friends at the excellent Peg & Patriot, of Bethnal Green,¬†have created magical alcohol free gin, a hydrosol in fact, so one may drink it down to the heart’s content, and continue to operate heavy machinery, drive long distances, perform trapeze routines, as required.

Available in commemorative 750ml champagne bottle, great for sharing, this celebration soda can be purchased for home delivery from our web shop here.

For wholesale enquiries please drop us an email to orders@squarerootsoda.co.uk while stocks last – once it’s gone, it’s gone, and onwards to batch 1000!!

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