Square Root London | Square Root Soda at Kerb Food Noshville Street Party
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Square Root Soda Ice Cream Dreamfloat

Noshville Nights, Dreamfloat Days


Celebrating Americana in all it’s glory, we had a fantastic time dishing out the Doughnut Dreamfloats (as above)¬†at Kerb Food‘s Noshville event this year.

Another exuberant Square Root Soda collaboration, this immense and exclusive treat was created with Blu Top Ice Cream‘s gorgeous bourbon whisky ice cream, and a dreamy maple pecan doughnut from Vicky’s Donuts, plus our most elusive and highly craved limited edition Square Root Cream Soda, served fresh on tap with a side order of razzmatazz.

With live music, a whole heap of top quality American-influenced street food, fun family games, a bucking bronco, and more than a few sunbeams shining down upon us, it was impossible to not have a proper hoe down, London style!

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