Once upon a time there was light in our lives, but now there’s only Bergamot…
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Once upon a time there was light in our lives, but now there’s only Bergamot…

…there’s nothing we can do, it’s total Bergamot!

OK so no, we’re not announcing our attempts for X-Factor fame but we do have shiny new soda to brighten your days, for the delicious flavour of Italian Bergamots is here to console us during these wintery months. We also get to sing Bonnie Tyler’s lesser know song “Total Eclipse of The Bergamots” endlessly for the next four months, along with other bergamot themed karaoke hits…ahem…”Waiting for a Bergamot” anyone?!

Anyway. Bergamots. Bergamot juice is less sour than lemon, but more bitter than grapefruit, and has been used to flavour everything from confectionery to tobacco snuff.

These particular bergamots are also the first produce to be sourced as part of our direct import program. The fruits have been purchased directly from a farm in the south of Italy, as the first of our efforts to build strong direct relationships with small scale producers who can offer us responsibly grown produce with superior flavour.

Even better – as the bergamots are certified organic we can use everything from the juice to the skin in order to extract the perfect flavour.  After a bit of squeezing, slicing, sipping and seasoning, we’ve found the perfect balance to draw out the herbal, floral taste we love.

So, after all our effort, all you need to do is close your eyes, take a sip, and dream of a breezy, sun-soaked, Italian beach. Or take your favourite song and replace all the words with “bergamot”. Whatever works for you!

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