Orange you glad it’s back…
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Orange you glad it’s back…

It’s that time of year again, throw your hands in the air, Citrus crush is here! Back by popular demand, and thanks to our new Italian supplier friends, this zingy seasonal soda is better than ever.

Behold this sanguine (ha ha) blood orange, set against its native Sicilian sky, ripe and succulent with sweet juice. Such colour, such potential…


Shortly after this picture was taken, and at our personal bidding, this orange and many of its kin were lovingly tucked into crates and hauled over to us here in Hackney, along with glowingly pink grapefruits and bright new lemons.

A number of brutal but necessary processes have since taken place, and we now have gallons of sweet-sharp, sunshine-hued Citrus Crush soda ready to share with the thirsty public. Untainted by commercial waxing treatment, the fruits offer unadulterated whole fruit potential, from pips to pith to peel, which means unparalleled flavour for our soda.

MountEtnaOranges When savouring this soda you will also be participating in the tradition of growing fruit in beautiful groves in the shadow of Mount Etna. Our supplier Giuseppe is suitably proud of his produce, which means we can, in turn, produce a soda we are proud of.

We are also proud of the new and ever growing direct relationships we are building with independent producers, such as Giuseppe, who help us complete the circle of responsible production of the highest possible standard. Finding those farmers who agree that reducing industrial waste, keeping chemicals out of the fruit game wherever possible, and making the most of the flavoursome bounty available to us, is a Very Big Deal for us. This is how we roll, and finding suppliers like Giuseppe makes it all that much more possible.

If you want to know the science bit, blood oranges contain the usual vitamin C, plus Vitamin A for good skin, folic acid for red blood cell production, calcium for bones, and anti-inflammatory anthocyanins. So there you have it, drinking Citrus Crush will make you strong and beautiful.*

*strength and beauty not guaranteed.

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