Our Bergamot ‘Nojito’ Recipe is Featured on Khoolect Today!
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Our Bergamot ‘Nojito’ Recipe is Featured on Khoolect Today!

Re-Posted from the Khoolect Facebook page! Try a Beragmot ‘Nojito’ to help you reach your #DryJanuary goal! It’s super easy to make and taste so good you wont even miss the rum (and you certainly wont miss the hangover!)… Full recipe below!

East London speciality soda makers, Square Root Soda, make memorable versions of the sparkly stuff using fresh locally-sourced ingredients, laboriously but lovingly juiced or infused by hand. Forget that cup of earl grey, try this refreshing bergamot ‘nojito’ using a splash of one of their seasonal sodas (or an alternative bitter lemon drink that you have to hand).

Serves: 2
Preparation time: 5 minutes


1 bottle (275ml) of Square Root Bergamot Soda
Generous handful of fresh mint leaves
Juice of half a lime (or more to taste)
1 teaspoon cane sugar


In a jug, muddle together the sugar, mint and lime juice to release the oils from the mint and dissolve the sugar.
Half fill two tall glasses with crushed ice, then split the muddled mixture between the two.
Top-up the glasses with zesty Bergamot soda, or an alternative bitter lemon drink.

What are your favourite mocktail or punch recipes? Tag Khoollect in any recipes and let us know how you get on – would be great to see what you’re making! #khoollecteat

Recipe by Square Root Soda | Photo by Khoollect photographer Lara Messer

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