Our favourite Autumn Flavour, Apple Soda, Back!
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Our favourite Autumn Flavour, Apple Soda, Back!

Autumn is finally upon us, there no denying it. While you might still squeeze in a cheeky BBQ or two this September the days are getting shorter, the leaves are starting to fall from the trees and, most importantly, the apples are beginning to ripen…

This makes it the perfect time to relaunch our apple soda! Made with plenty of fresh apples, specially selected to blend well together to make a tangy, refreshing apple soda like no other! We use a blend of Bramley, for their sweet tartness, Cox, for their floral sweet juice, and Discovery, for a fresh, rich tasting juice. All of these apple are traditional

As different apples come in to season we’ll be mixing up the varieties in our soda to ensure we always use the freshest apples possible – no cold store, tasteless apples for us! Apple season is a long one so expect to be able to drink this well into 2016!

Our other favourite apple using products are the Beavertown Appleation Saison (filled with Bramley Apple, it’s dreamy!), Newton & Pott Tomato and Apple Chutney and the GF Apple and Almond cake from Victoria Yum is da bomb!

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