Our Products
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Our Products

This our Core Range – we make them all the time because the ingredients are available all year round!


You can’t beat a classic, but what we can do, as we always do, is keep the sugar content nice and low, and let the top quality Sicilian lemons do their lip puckering magic, in center stage.


We press root ginger for a bright, clean taste and steep what’s left to release the natural spicy flavours.


Well, we wanted to create a delicious cola, like traditional cola sweets, with a much lower sugar content than the average can and a distinct rich character.


Delicious juniper distillate with all the fragrant magic of gin but none of the sauce. Steam distilled botanicals including coriander, cardamom, and Persian dried lime balanced with our crisp quinine tonic water.

This range changes throughout the seasons, as fruit naturally grows and ripens. The drinks below are what we are currently bottling.

Look out for new flavours every month or so!


It’s tangy! It’s pink! It’s from the North! It’s our classic Yorkshire Rhubarb Soda, handmade in East London in delicious, small batches. Read our Rhubarb love story here!


Light, dry, and refreshing, this soda contains crisp British Cucumbers, balanced with fresh lemon and a smidge of sugar. Perfect chilled, over ice, or with your favourite gin thing.


Gorgeous, bright, floral flavour hand-foraged from our local East London marshes and expertly captured in this delicate and fleeting seasonal soda. Read all about it here!


Our classic Lemonade recipe, turned pink and punchy with a delicious hit of sweet, bright British razzers. The stuff of which picnic dreams are made.


A dreamy seasonal summer classic, with no sweetness overload, no artificial additives at all, just fun, fruity, fizzy flavour.

Our unique mini range of Tonic Waters. Made with Natural Quinine and our own herbal extracts!


Hop Tonic takes lead flavours from fragrant Citra and Columbus hops (natch), fresh Sicilian lemon, and aromatic botanicals. It’s light, refreshing and citric.


Infused with dramatic mineral flavours of mugwort and tarragon, Artemisia Tonic has a delicate bitterness thanks to wormwood and quinine, balanced with bright, fresh lime. A particular favourite of discerning chefs and barsmiths, this deeply flavoured and unusual tonic is woody and fruity, with a crisp finish.

Weird, wonderful, special and super limited drinks that we make when we have the time.

Collaborations with brewers, food makers and businesses that align with our ethos.

We’re working on our new special brew.


Stay tuned for our next tasty collaboration. In the mean time, read all about our latest limited edition treat at our blog.

Gone but not forgotten! These drinks aren’t currently being bottled but when the season is right we’ll be right back on them!

Earl Grey Pale Shandy

A fresh, punchy collaboration beer-based shandy with an iced-tea style, with fresh Italian Bergamots. Read more at our blog.


The unadulterated fresh flavour of vibrant, sweet and sour British Blackcurrants in this soda is going to blow your fruity mind!


Naturally sweet yet light, made using a mix of British apple varieties for a golden hue and sharp, fruity bite.


Magic marmalade vibes from a refreshing balance of bracingly tart Seville Oranges and sweet juicy Sicilian Mandarins.


Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit Soda made strictly in winter, when the Sicilian citrus is ripe to the point of perfection.


We use zest and juice from untreated Bergamots we import directly from Southern Italy to make this bright, fragrant, unique citrus flavour with subtle herbal notes.


Naturally sweet Kentish Conference Pears balanced with sharp, dark, Aronia Berries for a rich and soothing seasonal treat.