Out Now: Bergamot Soda
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Out Now: Bergamot Soda

We’ve always had a certain fascination with the Bergamot. With its light floral aroma, amazing bright green colour and bitter lemony interior, it’s hard not to. That’s why, when Ed and Jake found a bergamot at the fruit market, we HAD to try and make it into a soda!

After our initial experiments we were hooked. We went down to the market and bought up every last bergamot we could find. We then spent the whole day peeling off the rinds and soaked them in syrup to extract out all those lovely flavours that make this such a unique drink.

After all of that, we’re proud to present you with our latest flavour, the Bergamot Soda. Pop open a bottle and expect a light, floral, refreshing flavour and a beautiful citrus aroma like no other! Made from organically grown Italian bergamots, it’s the perfect soda to get you through the cold winter nights, with dreams of Italian beach holidays.

Check out our Twitter to see where you can get this amazing new soda!

Other bergamot products to look out for: Bergamot Marmalade from London Borough of Jam, Oud and Bergamot Cologne from Jo Malone & of course Gianfranco’s Early Grey Tea from Postcard Teas.

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