Out Now: Three All New Tonics
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Out Now: Three All New Tonics

Dry January is over and our tonics are out now, just in time for a wet, wet February! We had so much fun making them for our G+T Gift Packs with Jensen’s Gin that we just had to carry on making them for all of you to enjoy.

The Cinchona Tonic is our take on a classic Indian Tonic Water. It’s made from Cinchona bark, a natural source of Quinine, which is the bitter element in any Tonic Water. We mixed ours with a freshly made lemongrass syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The Cinchona bark gives it a beautiful, natural sunset haze and it goes perfectly with your gin of choice.

The Artemisia is our botanical, herbal Tonic Water. It has a deep, earthy flavour from the Wormwood and Mugwort we use to bitter the tonic, and a delicate anise aroma with a subtle twang from the lime juice we added. It is a really unusual drink that will get you hooked after the first sip.

Hop Tonic was something we’d wanted to make for ages. We love the idea of using the wonderful citrusy, piney, bitter flavours you get in a good American style IPA and transferring them to a G+T. To do this, we used Citra and Columbus Hops and mixed them with fresh lemon juice to create the ultimate Bitter Lemon.

All three flavours are out and about now. You can already catch them at Borough Wines Stokey, Wilton Way, Exmouth Market and Kensal Rise, L’Entrepot in Dalston, Peg + Patriot in Cambridge Heath, Pinch Pantry in Dalston and Palm Two in Clapton. Want to try them with some recommended Gin? Craved Foods have a Gin and Tonic collection ready for you to buy!

Our top three things to do with our tonics: A classic G+T with a London Dry Gin and our Cinchona Tonic, lashings of ice and a slice of lime with our Artemisia Tonic for a refreshing tonic soft drink & a BrewDog This is Lager and Hop Tonic Shandy! Bloody delicious!

And on top of that, Jensen also have the gift packs in stock at their shop on Maltby Street, open every Saturday. So if you’re looking for a great gift; look no further!

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