PrePear Yourself…
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PrePear Yourself…

Brand New Flavour Alert!!
Ah, the humble Pear. A Conference of flavour. Introducing our brand new soda flavour, designed to bring warmth and cheer as the days grow cold. This autumnal fizz features sweet, nectar-like juice pressed from crisp, rusty-green Kentish Conference pears (hence the terrible pun). We’ve balanced this natural sugar hit with sharp, dark, moody, and tragically underappreciated Aronia Berry.  A what now? Allow us to explain…



Originally native to the woods of eastern North America, our Aronia berries are from Kent, and currently they are the only ones grown in England. Due to their high tannin level these berries have a unique, delicious, red wine flavour, complex and savoury, a perfect match for rich pear juice.


Juicy enough for a sweet tooth, and balanced enough to accompany a cheese plate, this soda is great over ice, beautiful with gin – a classic autumn flavour with a delicious twist. Get involved!

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