Radle My Radler
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Radle My Radler

Radler means “Cyclist” in German, and some say that the history of naming a lightly alcoholic beverage, usually a 50:50 mix of beer and lemonade, is down to the fact that one might prefer a less intoxicating, more refreshing beverage on a long bike ride. A wise people, our German velophile friends, although of course we do not condone drunken cycling in a million years.

We do, however, like this Radler vibe, and we make a damn good lemonade ourselves, so we’re already halfway down the road to creating our own take on this Bavarian tradition. Turns out we also know a few folks who aren’t too bad at making beer, for example, the Howling Hops gang tend to whip up universally delicious brews on a regular basis, serving them up at their Hackney Wick Tank Bar, conveniently located at exactly the same place they brew the beer – smart cookies, that lot.

So what we’re trying to say, in a roundabout way is… we’ve had a baby, and it is called Das Radler.

A quenching blend of fresh, top quality Kölsch style Howling Hops beer, aka KÖolsch (… right?!), and our high grade, lip-smacking Sicilian Lemonade, available all year round. Boom!

We held a special preview party for Das Radler at the Howling Hops Tank Bar, back in August, to offer a peek at the goods prior to our official launch of this new addition to our permanent, year round core range. The crowds were suitably impressed, making us even more excited to get these bottles out into the world asap.

Massive props to genius illustrator and Square Root chum Nat for yet another fantastic illustration for this project. Nailed it!

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