Rhubarb Sour: A Shandy User’s Guide
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Rhubarb Sour: A Shandy User’s Guide

It’s happened, the perfect storm of good intentions, good ideas and good taste, bundled together in a lip-puckering beer of unparalleled quality from Pressure Drop Brewing and friends. Of course we had to shandy it, that’s how we show our love!

Yep, we’ve done it again. We’ve designed a brand new non-alcoholic shandy, this time to make the glorious fruity, floral, hoppy flavour of rare beer Rhubarb: A User’s Guide available in a non-booze format, mainly so soda boss Robyn can drink it now she’s quit alcohol! Our man Chris is also off the sauce for a post-World Cup drying out month, so he’s equally pleased.

Our Rhubarb Sour shandy, looking dazzling in artwork by illustrator Tara o’Brien, will be available pre-launch from Monday 30th July, exclusively in only ten special London venues, shown in the map and list below. This is a juicy taste of what’s to come at the London Craft Beer Festival where we’re officially launching the shandy on Friday 3rd August, so pop by any of these spots to grab an exclusive early sip of this unique, delicious treat.

In celebration of women working in beer, enjoying beer, and knowing a damn thing or two about how to make it really delicious, the beer base for our shandy is the result of a mighty collaboration between Pressure Drop Brewing , community-based brewery Earth Station, and We Are Beer. Over fifteen other breweries got involved to share expertise, and we gladly provided bright, tart Yorkshire ‘Pink Gold’ rhubarb juice for the project, to do our bit bring this fruity dream alive and bring it to the We Are Beer Festivals this year.

Join us for a sneaky peek good time at our pre-launch spots, and then we’ll see you at London Craft Beer Festival, August 3rd-5th. Our delicious Rhubarb Sour shandy will be there, slap bang in the middle of our Square Root and Chill zone all weekend. We’ll be offering soft drinks to keep you hydrated between beers, all of our current shandies, plus comfy chairs, laid back vibes and Mario Kart fun. You can even win free soda for a year for getting the fastest Mario Lap. Be rude not to, wouldn’t it?!

If you’re the kind who never wants to let the fun end, our friend Felix at Every Cloud is on the same page. On Monday 6th August we’re collaborating with his crew to whip up delicious no-booze and low booze cocktails from 2pm, and we’re offering a shandy competition for all you budding Shandinators(TM) keen to win a case of beer and our lush sodas. If that’s got you jazzed, click here to enter and for more info on the event.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes glued to our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for hot shandy tips and special no-lo fun  – that’s non-alcoholic and low alcohol to you, chum. You can even win some free Festival tickets from us!

All venues stocking our pre-launch Rhubarb Sour Shandy:


Beer photo taken by Photographer Nicci Peet (http://niccipeet.co.uk/).

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