Round and Round the Mulberry Lemonade
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Round and Round the Mulberry Lemonade

Every now and then we get the pleasure of picking our own ingredients for some of our more
experimental sodas. Aside from letting us venture outside of the comfort of our Hackney railway
arch, it also lets us try out brave new flavours.

This month we’ve been able to dive headfirst into the flavours of the past with a one-off
collaboration with Hogarth’s House.

Hogarth’s House is a museum dedicated to the memory of 18th Century satirist and ‘Father of English
Painting’ William Hogarth.  Famous for his satirical prints (notably ‘Gin Lane’ – his scathing attack on
the evils wrought by gin in London) Hogarth wiled away many of his hours at this delightful house in
Chiswick, surrounded by greenery before it was overtaken by the roaring M4…

However, some of that peace and quiet survives in his three hundred year old Mulberry Tree!

Despite its age the tree still bears fruit and we were lucky enough to be allowed to take our pick of
the gorgeous red berries to create a one of a kind Mulberry Lemonade! Mulberries are one of our
all-time favourite fruits. Sadly the fruits are not really available to buy in shops due to their extreme juiciness, and thus lack of shelf stability, so you really need to know where your nearest Mulberry tree is to taste this amazing berry. As something you can only really get hold of if you’re in the know there’s something really special about being able to make a drink from them!

Mulberry HandsAs you can see from the picture mulberries leave quite the mark on anyone who pilfers one (an urban
legend has it that’s where the phrase “caught red-handed” came from). The best fruits are
always to be found out of hands reach so long picking poles were also a must. It was then straight back to
the arch, after a quick peek at some amazing prints, to juice these bad boys and mix them up into
an awesome special release. We had great fun getting
sticky in the sun and are very happy with the flavour the berries produced.

The Mulberry Lemonade will only be available at Hogarth’s House so why not pop over and
experience this unique soda whilst you still can!

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