Sbagliato Soda: Booze Free Cocktail Banger
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Sbagliato Soda: Booze Free Cocktail Banger

Continuing our journey into the Narnia of non-alcoholic cocktails, we’ve taken the time to herald Soda Jerk and professional cocktail maestra Lottie, after she was crowned Grand Flavour Wizard 2017 in our Square Root Xmas Flavour Competition.

Fighting off fierce and frankly unhinged competition from such wild efforts as Tomato Soda, Eggnog Soda and Christmas Tree Soda (?!?!?!), the unequivocally delicious Count Camillo Sbagliato was the resounding champion, according to the discerning palates of our soda stockist friends who run cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars all over the UK. If anyone knows a good drink, it’s them, right?

Sbagliato is in fact the Italian word for “mistake”, or “broken”, and the cocked up cocktail in question here was originally a Negroni: A strong, scrumptious blend of punchy gin, bittersweet Campari and sticky sweet vermouth – see HERE for a handy London Negroni starter pack from our mates at Craved. The Sbagliato version allegedly came about when a busy Italian waiter reached for the gin but ended up splashing bright, sparkling prosecco into the glass instead.

Mistake or not, a star was born, lighter than it’s boozy heritage but just as hip and popular. The fruity flavour of Campari, syrupy aromatics of vermouth and crisp, refreshing nature of prosecco have all been captured in Lottie’s masterful Sbagliato Soda, a rare non-alcoholic treat so incredibly good we’ve made a special limited edition batch, available to order at our shop HERE, for delivery to your doorstep. This treat is ultra exclusive, and the only other place you can find it is Lottie’s other major haunt, the very excellent Every Cloud in Hackney. Grab it while you can!

Our recommendation for a perfect serving suggestion is as follows: Stick a bunch of lovely tulips in it – see above right – although absolutely don’t do this, because tulips are actually poisonous (safety first, friends!). Alternatively, for a more delicious, less dangerous version, skip the tulips, add a handful of ice and pop in a juicy wedge of sharp Blood Orange, or outside of Blood Orange season, a slice of fresh, tart, unwaxed lemon will also do the trick very nicely. Prego!

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