Sippin’ In The City Sun
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Sippin’ In The City Sun

Sippin’ In The City Sun

*Image above shared with kind permission from Beer Guide London

Shades on face, shandy on ice, it’s going to be a great summer, friends. Here’s a tasty list of our fave watering holes with outdoor sipping space, so you know exactly where to be when things really heat up. Of course they all sell your favourite sodas and shandies, lovingly handmade by yours truly and refrigerated to juicy perfection. Get your skates on and we’ll see you in the garden!

The Institute of Light is a local treat for us Hackney lot, offering a sunny secret terrace, fabulous drinks, delicious food from Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, and when it all gets a bit too bright and hot, there’s always the delightfully cool, dark, sofa filled cinema to enjoy. Bliss.

For the garden crawl inclined, just a short stroll away in Dalston is the fabulous Curve Garden. The folks at Curve Garden do outstanding work providing a vibrant, welcoming spot with weekly gardening sessions, wellbeing activities, music events, arts fun and more. If that all sounds a bit too much like hard work then you can just sit among the nodding flowers, sipping at a cool pop and soaking up the peaceful vibes.

Hop on a bus for a ride through the sights of East London, Islington and Angel, and alight at King’s Cross for Skip Garden. Soak in the delights of this inspiring space full of lush, organically grown vegetation and lots to learn about organic gardening. This green spot is a beautiful place to settle for some calm, some tasty vegetarian food, and a drop of top notch hydration in the middle of the hectic city.

Next we recommend sliding on down to the cooling air of the riverside, having saved a perfectly burger sized space in your belly for the joy of legendary Bleecker Burger at the Southbank Centre Food Market. Place your order (don’t forget your ice cold Root Beer), grab a perch overlooking the Thames, and take in the grand view of The Greatest City On Earth whilst munching away on A Very Fine Burger Indeed.

By now you’ll be rubbing your full tum, and thankfully it’s a graciously short hop (zing!) to The Hop Locker for sundowners chosen from an officially impressive range of high quality beers, and of course a tasty soda or two. The sun slides down the evening sky, shades of orange, pink, purple and indigo descend, the twinkling lights come on and beer or no beer, things start looking pretty romantic. What a great day.

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