Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listenin’? In The Case, Drinks Are Clinkin’
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Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listenin’? In The Case, Drinks Are Clinkin’

Ah, the festive season. How to balance exuberant indulgence with the desperate need for palate cleansing refreshment? Well, we think you know how, and if you don’t, stay tuned for our tips, we know a thing or two!

First things first, think of your tasty cocktails and mocktails at this time of year. You want to impress (yourself or your loved ones), you want flavour, maybe something a little unusual, and maybe some classics.

We’ve brought together a range of dreamy mixers in one handy case, featuring our new and improved, brighter, shinier Hop Tonic and Artemisia Tonic, plus luscious Bergamot Soda (great with gin!), Ginger Beer (great with rum!) and Apple Soda (great with all sorts!).

Skipping the booze this year? No problem: Our Artemisia Tonic has a reputation among a few top chefs as an elegant aperitif served sans booze, as does our Hop Tonic, and if those two float your boat then take a peep at our Mixed Tonics Case, ready to rock and roll.

You can also find a couple of recipes on our shop page to get your juices flowing, as we recommend a creative approach. An Apple Soda with a bashed up sprig of fresh rosemary and a slice of lemon offers a whole world of sweet and savoury flavour to get those taste buds tingling. Get mixing, get sipping, try out your own recipes, and if you discover a dream combo then ping us a pic @squarerootldn !

Whether you’ve got the whole crew coming round for dinner, a revolving door ushering in a multitude of guests, or you’re flying solo and want some quality stuff to privately slurp on, then what you need is our Survival Pack.

Designed as a fully inclusive treat for the sober, the hungover, and the too young to know what either of those mean, we’ve included Cola, Lemonade and Ginger Beer for the traditionalists. From our seasonal range there’s zingy, sharp Bergamot and bright, fruity Pear and Aronia, so you know you’ve got pink stuff covered for the unicorn obsessives, and you also know you’re dishing out zero artificial additives and a third less sugar than the usual fizzy pop fare on the scene.

Finally, for the craft crew and the beer buds, we have a surprise second batch of our limited edition Verdello Sour Shandy, made from a glorious sour beer we created in collaboration with the excellent Chorlton Brewing Co at this year’s IndyMan BeerCon. Bright, sharp flavours of green lemon and fresh rosemary, this non-alcoholic treat is a real shandy show stopper. Similarly delightful and helpfully low on the booze front, don’t forget our ever refreshing Das Radler Hard Shandy, available from Honest Brew. Bursting with fresh lager flavour and Sicilian citrus punch, this one drinks like a full bodied, standard strength beer: Dry, rich and crisp, this one is an absolute winner at only 2.5% ABV.

Your designated driver approves of these choices already.

If you like the cut of our jib, and you’re interested in a cheeky discount to sweeten the deal, sign up to our monthly newsletter and such treasures can be yours at an exclusive and delicious price. Fresh newsletter out tomorrow so keep ’em peeled!

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