Square Root VS Tate Modern Autumn Collaboration
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Square Root VS Tate Modern Autumn Collaboration

After the success of the Tate Spring Collaboration we decided to have another go and make a new wild flavour. Autumn always offers up some amazing produce so we were spoilt for choice as far as flavour goes.

After much deliberation we settled on plum. Plums have been cultivated in the UK since Roman times and we now have over 300 varieties of plums in the UK, with a number growing semi wild in parts of the country. Bullace Damsons provided the base for the drink – giving it a bright red colour from the skin and a dry tannin finish from the flesh. We added in the stones from the fruit, which were fermented out and provided a strong almond flavour. We blended these with sweet Cambridge Gages (a kind of small green plum) and wild Rose Hip sourced from Jon the Poacher in Hackney for a sweet and acidic balance.

Jon the Poacher was out early morning once again gathering rosehips by the thousand. There are many species of native rose that produce an edible hip – they all contain a high level of vitamin C (rosehips have been used to fend off Scurvy throughout history) and a have pleasant sharp taste.

The resulting drink was a heady, fragrant vinous drink with a dark red colour and a pleasant fruity flavour. You really feel the change of the seasons when making this drink – the ingredients we used only come together all at the same time for about 2 weeks so we had to drop everything and juice like crazy to get enough fruit together for the run. We made 5000 bottles in total, loads more than our spring collab, and pouches of cordial for cocktails and events at the Tate bars.

You can find this Damson Plum and Rosehip Soda exclusively at the Tate Modern and Tate Britain, while stocks last! Roll on next year for a new flavour in this range!


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