Square Root VS Tate Modern Spring Collaboration
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Square Root VS Tate Modern Spring Collaboration

Always looking to shake things up a bit, we teamed up with Alex from the Tate Modern to launch a new range of super seasonal, limited edition, wild food flavoured sodas!

The idea of this project was to take seasonal flavours to a whole new level. We’ve always been excited by the wild ingredients that the British Isles has to offer and hoped to highlight plants that are really tasty but often overlooked or forgotten about. – the sort of thing that could be growing right outside your house and you never realised.

After months of planning and general soda fizzing, we got to work. The infamous Jon the Poacher of Hackney grabbed his ladder and started gathering various wild blossoms from common land and back gardens. He arrived early one morning with buckets of beautifully fragrant Cherry Blossom gathered in the sun, when it’s at its best, just before the rain came to knock the rest off. That was just the beginning. Soon we had buckets of Apple, Lilac, Pear, Japnoica Quince and Judas Tree Blossom (just to name just a few). All of these went into syrup to gently infuse for a few weeks – the key with this one was to keep in as much of the scented perfume of the flowers as possible.

Once the syrup was ready we blended it with freshly squeezed lime juice (lemon didn’t really seem to fit) – the fragrance of the lime seemed to bring out the floral fruitiness of the blossoms. The cherry and apple blossoms gave the drink a refreshing almondine flavour and the light pink hue.

We made 1500 bottles of it in total. All of it picked, mixed, carbonated and bottled and labelled by hand – just the way we like it!

Expect to see it exclusively available at the Tate Modern and Tate Britain soon!

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