The UnPearable Lightness of Berrying
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The UnPearable Lightness of Berrying

We are obsessed with creating the best soda we possibly can. Don’t mean to bang the same old drum, but seriously, this is our thing, and we won’t stop. We will never stop.

We take a soda, sometimes one we already make pretty damn well, and, at the risk of a lack of tedious continuity, we take it back to the drawing board. What can we do? Is there enough fruit in there? Do we need to tweak the flavour? How’s that label looking, are you dressed to impress, little soda bottle friend?

If any of the answer to such questions are “no” then we DESTROY. No, wait, no. What we do is, we take what we do like about the fizzy pop in question, and we amplify it. In this particular instance, with our autumn season upon us, perky, unusual Pear and Aronia soda is back on the menu, and, we decided, it was in need of a new style for the new season. More pink, we cried, being the joyful, can-do millenials that we are.

Thus, more pink it is, and more delicious for it, we believe. Brightness in colour and flavour, with plenty of vitamin C on offer to get us through the dark winter ahead, this bottle is ready for the catwalk.

Cue our favourite soda popparazzo (!), Charlie McKay, to get creative with the juicy aesthetic, and just look at the dreamy joy he’s come up with. We credit ourselves as the muse, sure, but he really does know what he’s doing, gotta say.

Pear and Aronia soda is, suffice it to say, utterly delicious; Natural, rich, Pear sweetness matched with deep, mineral, Aronia berry for balance, just a smidge of lemon juice to lift the whole blend, and absolutely zero artificial additives involved.

Available for wholesale purchase, or for enjoyment at home (click here for our online shop), this soda is a quality treat for all the family, containing no nasties for young bodies and minds, but if grown ups fancy sneaking a gin in their own soda, we are happy to confirm that this will also work out just fine. Square Root Team tested and approved.

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