What’s New at The Soda Works?!
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What’s New at The Soda Works?!

Hey Kids! We’ve been working really hard on making The Soda Works bigger and better each week and it really shows! We now have a beautiful mural designed by artist Not Nat on our walls which we’re totally in love with! Nat came and hung out at the arch with us for a few days and drew out the whole thing by hand. Keep an eye on our twitter feed as she’ll be popping in from time to time to add to it!

Also new is our Soda Refill station! You can now fill up our 1 litre bottles with a choice of 4 sodas, which we’ll be changing each week. We’ve got a special tap which fill bottles perfectly without losing all that lovely fizz, meaning you get perfectly fresh soda to enjoy at home. Bottles can be brought back and filled again & again and every time you bring them back you get a 20% discount on your fill! Sounds great right?!

We’re also launching our Experimental Soda range this weekend. There are always flavours we’d love to bottle but we just can’t get hold of enough of the fruit! It’s been really getting to us – there are so many great flavours we’d love to share with you but they have such short seasons and we come across the fruit in such small quantities. Because of this, we’re making an experimental range! For this month we’re releasing our Seville Orange Soda in bottle, and boy is it good! Think liquid marmalade with a hint of smooth orange it’s the perfect example of what this range is about. Currently exclusive to The Soda Works and made in strictly limited quantities – keep checking back for more flavours as we release them!

It’s been really enjoyable to have so many of you come down and spend some of your weekend with us – we hope to see more of you as the weeks go on!

The Soda Works has been featured on London Pop Ups as a top weekend brunch spot and 20 Something London as a must try! Click here to read more!

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