Wu Gang Chops The Twig
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Wu Gang Chops The Twig

What a laugh we have with our brewing pals at Pressure Drop. They make a beer, we make it into a shandy; repeat forever and ever, amen.

This time we’ve taken their inimitable and truly delicious Wu Gang Chops The Tree, a wheat beer with flavours of foraged herbs, clove, bread and banana – don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, it’s fantastic. Then we got to thinking… lime. Limey limey lime leaves. It’s lime time.


“Wu Gang chopping the tree” is a phrase used to describe endless toil, as Wu Gang is a figure known in Chinese folklore for being doomed, by divine punishment, to eternally chop down a tree on the moon. We believe our divine punishment is much more bearable and less…lunar? Forever may we be driven to make fine, fine soft drinks for thirsty people to enjoy.
With our aim clear in our minds, we worked with Pressure Drop to create a zesty, fragrant, Keffir lime version of  beer, and then we Square Rooted it into the glorious mathematical possibility of our now infamous booze-free, beer based beverage.
Feel free to drink as many as you like, enjoy the beery vibes, and to then safely continue to chop down any trees you may be required to deal with.
Limited edition – available only while stocks last.





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